2012 Takes my Blog to Fiberluscious

2012 Takes my Blog to Fiberluscious
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Friday, January 11, 2013

Follow Me to Fiberluscious!

If you are here you are missing out on my new blog- Fiberluscious.
I've transferred most of the tutorials from Sew Old Sew New and you can find them in my new digs.
I have lots of new projects, ideas, inspirations and giveaways at Fiberluscious.

Want to create an elegant tomato? Click Here!
Here are more of my new creations...

Leaf Brooch Tutorial

Draft your own pattern!

Okay, no excuses. Click HERE and follow me. I think you'll enjoy the ride!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hello~ Come with Me!

Hello All!

If you aren't heading over to my new blog you are missing out! I am now posting to www.Fiberluscious.blogspot.com. Click to head on over!

Here is what's happening on my blog- Fiberluscious.

New Tutorials~

How to cover a button without a kit- Click here

Learn How to Hand Applique, the old fashioned way. Its easy!

Check out my newest Pincushions on Etsy
Make A Wish Wool Pincushion

The Beehive Pincushion

Check out my "June is Strawberry Month" Big Strawberry. Order $50 or over from my Etsy Shop and receive a free emery strawberry!

Thanks for visiting Sew Old Sew New- Hope to see you in Fiberluscious!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


I am so pleased to see that this blog is still getting views. However, I hope that you make one more click and head on over to Fiberluscious- my new blog. www.fiberluscious.blogspot.com
You won't see to many new things here, but Fiberluscious is updated often and I have lots of new techniques and project ideas to share with you. So come on over--- I look forward to meeting you!

Here is one of my newest projects...
Tiny Pictures- The Tree of Life II

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hello to all of you who have enjoyed Sew Old Sew New.
It was my first real blog- a great learning curve and a labor of love.

With the new year I am starting a new blog- Fiberluscious.

Last year I got married, which caused a change in my last name, which prompted a change in my Etsy Shop, which gave me about 5 different names on the web. Too confusing!
So, I am bringing my content from Sew Old Sew New slowly into Fiberluscious and adding a lot of new and fun ideas and inspirations to share with you all.

So click on any one of the my fiberluscious logo's, badges or highlighted links and join me on my new endeavor!

Watch for my coupon codes and get great discounts.
FiberBlog20 will give you 20% off your first order in my Etsy shop!
(SoSew20 will still work for the same discount, but will expire in June.)

You can still get the tutorials shown here, and find more as we learn together.

My New Feature- Come Stitch With Me! is an easy to follow challenge on some more involved projects you may think you don't have time for, but you have wanted to tackle for some time. Lets take the time to take these soul warming, easy learning, fun loving projects from ideas to finished projects!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Win the Tiara and Save in Fiberluscious when you sign up for Stitched!

When you sign up for my "Queen of Creativity" tiara on Stitched, you will receive 25% off in my Fiberluscious Shop on Etsy.

Win the "Queen of Creativity" Tiara!
To Win simply...
1. Register to take my Stitched Online Video Workshop,
2. Follow my blog, Fiberluscious
3. Like my Fiberluscious Shop on Etsy,
4. Like Alma Stoller's Blog
5. Like Stitched.

The drawing will take place after last day of registration, which is on May 21st.

Winners will be announced on Friday, May 25th! Good Luck!

My work in Moda Magazine

"The Buster" one of my favorite crowns is currently featured in Moda Kids Magazine!

The photographer for this picture was taken at KIDPICS Photography by the very talented Monica Alvarez.

"Moda Kids Magazine is geared towards kid's fashion and features child models from around the world. It has an added bonus of delivering a message to kids and parents about creating and living a healthy lifestyle by infusing education, health, culture, and society into their everyday lives. Moda Kids Magazine is a division of Moda Munchkin: Boutique modeling for children and adults. Moda Munchkin is in the credentialing process to become a fully-licensed model and talent agency. Moda Munchkin has over 250 active children listed, many of which can be found gracing the pages of Moda Kids Magazine."

In addition to my crown being featured, I was given a full-page in the magazine. Take a look. The model for my flower headband in none other than my adorable grand daughter, Brooke.

Visit Moda Magazine and take a look at the preview of their magazine. I can't say enough about how wonderful this magazine was to work with. One of their editors saw my crown in my Etsy Shop, Fiberluscious and asked if I would like to have it featured in a photo shoot in Moda. I sent the crown to KIDSPICS Photography, and it was returned right after their shoot. I had some help with my ad from one of my Doers into Dreamers friends, Tiffany Silverberg. She gave my ad a professional's once over. You can discover her services at her website. I just couldn't afford this kind of advertising on my budget. So I would have to say it was a thrilling and fun opportunity.
Crown- Page 31
Ad-Page 33

You just never know when something wonderful is about to happen. I think success is about being ready and open to everything. Be generous with your creative spirit. When you find yourself over your head, connect with others and be willing to share your spotlight. The best of what we accomplish is always a combination of preparation, exposure, luck, sharing, and of course, being willing to dive in even when you don't know exactly how deep the waters are.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Ho Ho Ho! "Dear Creatives" & SOSN GIVEAWAY !

Please stop on by to Therese's amazing blog Dear Creatives.

She is a wonderful mixed media artist and a terrific blog buddy.

I met her through Martha Stewart's, Dreamers into Doers Website. I promise to introduce her properly in the next few days. I'm over my head, loving this video workshop project. But, beginner's luck is not my friend. Me and my buddy Murphy are struggling to get the last of my video segments completed for my "Queen of Creativity" Tiara.
In the meantime, Please check out Theresa's lovely blog and website.

I am giving away a pair of my Cashmere Wool Snowmen Ornaments, in a lovely gift package. Sign up and I hope you win!

She is the winner of my Cashmere Snowmen.
Thanks so much for entering and I watch my new blog, Fiberluscious for more giveaways, newsletters and tutorials!

Note: I am still shipping ready-to-ship items from Fiberluscious with a 15% discount and $5 Priority Shipping! Santa and the USPS promise to speed you your gifts just in time for the Big Day!