2012 Takes my Blog to Fiberluscious

2012 Takes my Blog to Fiberluscious
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Monday, December 26, 2011

Win the Tiara and Save in Fiberluscious when you sign up for Stitched!

When you sign up for my "Queen of Creativity" tiara on Stitched, you will receive 25% off in my Fiberluscious Shop on Etsy.

Win the "Queen of Creativity" Tiara!
To Win simply...
1. Register to take my Stitched Online Video Workshop,
2. Follow my blog, Fiberluscious
3. Like my Fiberluscious Shop on Etsy,
4. Like Alma Stoller's Blog
5. Like Stitched.

The drawing will take place after last day of registration, which is on May 21st.

Winners will be announced on Friday, May 25th! Good Luck!

My work in Moda Magazine

"The Buster" one of my favorite crowns is currently featured in Moda Kids Magazine!

The photographer for this picture was taken at KIDPICS Photography by the very talented Monica Alvarez.

"Moda Kids Magazine is geared towards kid's fashion and features child models from around the world. It has an added bonus of delivering a message to kids and parents about creating and living a healthy lifestyle by infusing education, health, culture, and society into their everyday lives. Moda Kids Magazine is a division of Moda Munchkin: Boutique modeling for children and adults. Moda Munchkin is in the credentialing process to become a fully-licensed model and talent agency. Moda Munchkin has over 250 active children listed, many of which can be found gracing the pages of Moda Kids Magazine."

In addition to my crown being featured, I was given a full-page in the magazine. Take a look. The model for my flower headband in none other than my adorable grand daughter, Brooke.

Visit Moda Magazine and take a look at the preview of their magazine. I can't say enough about how wonderful this magazine was to work with. One of their editors saw my crown in my Etsy Shop, Fiberluscious and asked if I would like to have it featured in a photo shoot in Moda. I sent the crown to KIDSPICS Photography, and it was returned right after their shoot. I had some help with my ad from one of my Doers into Dreamers friends, Tiffany Silverberg. She gave my ad a professional's once over. You can discover her services at her website. I just couldn't afford this kind of advertising on my budget. So I would have to say it was a thrilling and fun opportunity.
Crown- Page 31
Ad-Page 33

You just never know when something wonderful is about to happen. I think success is about being ready and open to everything. Be generous with your creative spirit. When you find yourself over your head, connect with others and be willing to share your spotlight. The best of what we accomplish is always a combination of preparation, exposure, luck, sharing, and of course, being willing to dive in even when you don't know exactly how deep the waters are.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Ho Ho Ho! "Dear Creatives" & SOSN GIVEAWAY !

Please stop on by to Therese's amazing blog Dear Creatives.

She is a wonderful mixed media artist and a terrific blog buddy.

I met her through Martha Stewart's, Dreamers into Doers Website. I promise to introduce her properly in the next few days. I'm over my head, loving this video workshop project. But, beginner's luck is not my friend. Me and my buddy Murphy are struggling to get the last of my video segments completed for my "Queen of Creativity" Tiara.
In the meantime, Please check out Theresa's lovely blog and website.

I am giving away a pair of my Cashmere Wool Snowmen Ornaments, in a lovely gift package. Sign up and I hope you win!

She is the winner of my Cashmere Snowmen.
Thanks so much for entering and I watch my new blog, Fiberluscious for more giveaways, newsletters and tutorials!

Note: I am still shipping ready-to-ship items from Fiberluscious with a 15% discount and $5 Priority Shipping! Santa and the USPS promise to speed you your gifts just in time for the Big Day!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stitched- Online Video Workshop

Become . . .
The Queen Of Creativity Tiara

Push past your creative comfort zone and celebrate the unique spirit inside the one and only, amazing you! We'll explore a number of innovative color applications, sewing techniques and fiber twists and turns to design and embellish your one-of-a-kind, fabric creations. Discover the creative queen inside of you!

Let me teach you how to transfer photos, coordinate fabrics with a 5 minute dye process . . .

I'll show you how to create fabric with yarn without knitting or crochet . . .

Would you like to learn some easy and fun embroidery stitches?

We'll explore the Art of Color and Composition-

Learn how to design 3 dimensional designs with a few simple materials-

And much more ! ! !

To find out how to create this tiara and the other projects in Stitched- order the Stitched Video Workshop!

Let me tell you a bit about the Stitched Video Workshops. This project is sponsored by the lovely Alma Stoller. She contacted me and 19 other talented artists. She asked us to create an original project and a video workshop.
All of our projects workshop videos will be available for purchase via the Stitched Video Workshop page. You can download all of the 20 projects available and watch the video tutorials as many times as you wish, any time you like!

These are not your average 3 minute U-Tube tutorials. Each instructor will walk you step-by-step through each project. Each workshop is a multi-dimensional learning process on a wide variety of fiber and fabric masterpieces! The instructors are experienced fiber artists with truly original ideas and techniques. I"m so honored to be among them!

Here is a list of the 20 Stitched Instructors, go to Alma Stoller's Blog for their projects and to learn a bit more about them.

Mollie Johanson
Annie Hutchings
Sara Lawson
Jennifer Ofenstein
Deborah Boschert
Karen Ruane
Kelli Nina Perkins
Vanessa Wilson
Joanna Martinez
Wendi Gratz
Penney Klaproth
Jackie Bowcutt
Ann Tucker
Tammy Gilley
Tracie Lampe
Paula Joerling
Nikki Wheeler
Cindy Caraway
Dale Anne Potter
Jill Verbick O'Leary

You will find a variety of beautiful quilted projects, art journals, pretty fabric and stitched paper flowers, an adorable bohemian bag, beaded projects, collages, fabric cuffs and oh my, so much more! I can't wait to sign up myself!

Look in the right hand column on this Blog page and Click on "Click Here to Visit Alma Stoller" to sign up! (in red)
The cost for 24/7 access to all Video 20 Workshops is $89.00. Its rally a bargain when you think of all you will learn.

You will be sent to Alma Stoller's Registration Page for your Stitched Video Workshop Registration.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cyber Monday and all those lovely deals of the day.

I am not one of those, rush to the malls, sleep in a parking lot, or shop till you drop kind of gift buyer. I'd rather take my time and contemplate on the whole gift giving thing. Finding something as unique as the person I'm buying for is a challenge I really enjoy.

I make many gifts for Christmas. Even when I give money, I create a special stocking or wrapping to put it in. I think its important to share a part of us that is uniquely human and personal. I hope you do too. So often we doubt our skills or abilities and defer to the perfection of a store bought product. What a shame. From our hands, we have the power to create something that oozes with love and affection. You can't get that at the mall!

If you can't create that special something, well, the next best thing is to support the handmade economy. There are so many wonderful places to choose from. I happen to love Etsy. I was a fan before I was a seller. I love the favorite feature. I use often when designing a custom order. At a glance I can see what colors they like, if they are traditional or modern, funky or fashionable. I also know that when I purchase from Etsy, I am supporting a small business. Sites like this even out the marketplace. Everyone gets an opportunity reach customers. An artist can support their family doing what they do best, while staying home to take care of their family. The profits your sale generates may buy a young mom more diapers or a retiree more craft supplies or even food for the dinner table. I love that. Its the gift that keeps giving.

My Etsy Shop Fiberluscious is all about gift giving. My tiaras and crowns are meant to be a big old "thank yous" for being exactly who you are. From a Garden Goddess, Countess of Comfort and Joy or a Man's Man Crown, these are the people we love in our life. They bring us something so beautifully unique.

My pincushions are frequently purchased as gifts. I think they are perfect for a new sewer, or for someone who sews every day. Everyone needs a pin cushion. Many shops make pincushions for every day. My cushions are deluxe! Not only do I spend hours embellishing them with hand embroidery and beads. I also create cushions that last. I enclose tiny packets of emery in many of them. I also like to use wool. Both Wool and Emery sharpen and clean your pins and needles. My pincushion rings have very strong tiny magnets in them. The magnet keeps the pins from sliding out as you were them. I create pincushions I would like to use. In fact, I test each and every design. If they have features that make my job more frustrating, its back to the drawing board for me. I want people to love what I make.

Flowers just make me happy, so I hope that joy comes through in the flower brooches in my shop. They are bright, big and bold. I use a variety of techniques. If you look into my September posts you'll find a tutorial on my fringed flowers. I usually dismantle, untangle, reshape, dye and combine silk flowers. I add organdy, tulle and other fibers to create multi-layered fantasy brooch blooms.

This year I told myself that I wasn't going to do Christmas items. I created a whole bunch last year and they didn't sell. I thought that people would love to purchase re-rappable gift wrap for CDs and DVDs. I made ornaments and even a few different tiaras. Well, a few weeks into this season, I started to sell what I had. So, I'm working on a few small, fun ornaments and other holiday gifts. If you want to see some really great ideas, check out my Pinterest Board called "Happy Cheer". These cool ideas are from Better Homes and Gardens, but there are so many more projects I want to make when I have time, hmmmmmmmmmmm

And easy but beautiful gift ideas~

So, get busy! You have your own holidays to create!
Don't forget to add a bit of you to all you do.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm thankful for.....

I have an amazing life. Some would call it rather simple. One of the reason I feel on top of the world is that I kind of do, in a small way. My husband and I live in a small apartment. We are in the top unit on the top of a hill on an even bigger hill. When I look at the skyline from my balcony I can see for miles and miles. We don't have much, but I don't remember a time when I felt more happy and fulfilled.

One reason I love my days so much is that I create for a living. I seem to work 24/7. If I'm not at the sewing machine, I'm dying fabric, sitting on the couch embroidering my little lovelies, or I'm sketching out new ideas in my many notebooks. I am very busy these days getting my shop on Etsy filled with fiber goodies. So busy that I haven't had time to create stuff to share with you for Thanksgiving. So, I'm sharing a few ideas I liked. Please visit the websites and blogs shown. The projects I am showing have great tutorials!

Here are some of my favorites-
Gorgeous Printable Garland from Silver Box Creative Studio She has offered this free printable with plenty of space to customize! Use it for garland, napkin rings and more!

I love this idea from www.BirchandBird.com. Wouldn't it be wonderful to bring this out year after year? Everyone could write their most thankful thoughts and maybe add photos. I would be a scrapbook on branches!


Well, if you just have to go completely overboard, which is something I usually do, but thank goodness I'm not hosting this year - the prize would have to go to LotusHaus and their fall tornado decor. Hmmmm....where do you put the food?

Look at this yummy idea from Bakerella! I think this will be my desert contribution for the family meal this year.

p.s. I made them with apples and they were such a hit! I used sugar in the raw to coat the outside of the crust. The crunch was nice and it made the extra crust to pie filling ratio sweeter. A bit tedious, but well worth the effort!

Well, since I have nearly forgotten that this is a sewing blog, let me add some cute sewing project from some really wonderful blogs and handmade websites.
These adorable oven mitts are from Rachel Myers.

Here are some adorable place mats from Lil Fish.

And last, but not least- What self-respecting cook does not have an apron for the big meal?

Here are a few of mine from my Etsy Shop...

I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with unlimited blessings. I am very grateful that you stopped by to see what's up on my blog. It so much fun to bring these creative projects, thoughts and images to you.
As we move into the Christmas Season, I wish you much love and unlimited inspiration!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 7, 2011

MimiLove- Featured Artist of the Month

I’d like to introduce you to my first featured artist piece. Forgive my going on and on about these talented individuals. If you ask someone who is good at their work, why and how they are good at their work, their answers are much too humble. The best usually are the least able to say just how amazing they really are. So, as I introduce you to some of my favorite contemporary fiber artists, I’m going to tell you why I think they are so amazing.

This piece is a combination of her Website, her Blog, her Etsy Shop, her Flicker Photostream, and questions she answered for me and a bit of my personal feelings about their inspirations and abilities. So lets go! Enjoy!

Mimi Love Embroidery Artist Extraordinaire

The first time I saw the work of Mimi Love, I was stunned by her originality, her colors, her meandering use of the canvas and her inventive imagery. While her work sparkles with whimsy it also reflects her innovative and intuitive sense of design and mastery of color.

Mimi Love is from Staffs, Birmingham, England, United Kingdom. You really must visit her blog just to see the evolution of her work from fine art to fine craft. Her background in fine art is equally fresh and skillful as her embroidery. Her portraits seem to capture her subject’s spirit. Her drawings are loose and playful. Her pop art series has been celebrated in UK galleries. She uses her skills to connect, assist through charity work, and inspire through her joyful nature.

Let’s transition into Mimi’s Embroidery work, a transformation that simply inspires me to “lighten up and celebrate craft, color and life. She just makes me want to smile.

I asked her a few questions about her artistic life and inspirations. Here is what she had to say.

You have a very unique and original style? How did you develop your technique?

ML “There were all sorts of factors and inspirational folks that led to it really; years of painting on canvas (large scale acrylics), a love of embroidery but never actually doing it, the yen to explore watercolors again and a complete inability to stick with something for more than ten minutes without being distracted and moving onto the next thing.
To be honest it was the materials I had to hand at the time that kick started it.”

I set out with the intention of exploring embroidery and after a bit of internet action came across the work of Aimee Ray and Tilleke Schwarz. Their work really opened my eyes, I had embroidery in my head as being all satin stitch shading, complicated stitches and totally unapproachable without taking lessons etc.
I then had a chance meeting with British artist Jake Sutton http://www.jakesutton.co.uk/ who very generously gave me a copy of his book The Importance of Drawing from Life, along with some very wise words and a huge amount of inspiration, all of which kick started the painting again.
From the painting/art side of things some of my favourite artists are Vincent Van Gogh, Klimt, Jenny Saville and Jake Sutton and stitchy folks Aimee Ray and Tilleke Schwarz, Joetta Maue, Arlee Barr, Penny Nickels and Adam from Monsterosity/Yukihiro but there's hundreds of names I could list!"

"I do owe Aimee a massive debt of gratitude as she was one of the folks who inspired me to take up stitching in the first place. If you haven't ventured into the stitching world yet but always fancied a go then I really can't recommend her first book Doodle Stitching enough. It was the catalyst to all the stuff you've seen me knock up on here...so you've got Aimee to partly blame! x;0)”

SOSN What sets Mimi Love apart from any and all of her inspirations and mentors is her ability to bravely unravel convention. She uses watercolors on canvas and stitches on top of that. Who does such a thing? You would think that the holes from the needle will be too big. It would be too hard to push the needle through a primed canvas. I was taught to use paper with watercolor, and so on. The little negative voices in my head would have nixed her ideas from the get go. This is why I never went where the beautiful and fearless Mimi Love goes. Her ability to ignore that little voice is a priceless gift.

It’s so much more than her materials that set her apart, it’s the mark she leaves behind. Her stitches, which are exactly the same as the stitches I use, look nothing like mine, or most every stitcher I know. She create longs, lovely, unbroken, freedom loving lines in brilliant color. Bright beads, sequins and fibers kind of float over unconstrained spaces. They feel as if they move and dance on top of color and space. It’s a delight to take the time to simply enjoy each and every inch of each canvas.

Don’t get me started on the narrations she uses. Who needs lines? Not Mimi Love. Words are upside down and sideways. She uses her lovely wit, her favorite music, quotes and cockney rhymes along side of her beautiful artwork. Her words are like brushstrokes. If brushstrokes could giggle that is.

How would you describe your work to another fabric artist?

ML “Over the past 2 years I have moved away from the large scale "pop art" acrylics and have combined my new found love of embroidery with painting producing mixed media works including a range of Cockney Sparrows and Budgie Stufferies and a unique pet portrait service which can be found around the globe from Alaska to Australia!
I paint animal/bird portraits and then embellish them with freehand embroidery, beads and so forth, so fluffy with a lump of mixed media would probably sum it up! :)
I've been painting pet portraits for as long as I can remember so it (adding embroidery to the canvas) has been a natural continuation of that really...I do people and other stuff too...I just think I've got a better understanding/more of an affinity with animals!
I felt my stitching (on fabric, without paint) was lacking something. I initially collaged some of my watercolor efforts onto the canvas and stitched them, which I kind of liked but it just wasn't quite "there"... it just seemed the next logical step to try the watercolors direct on to the canvas and Bob's y' uncle! It's just grown from there really! :)"

Here are some progressive photo's from her Blog resulting from a chance meeting of Mr. Humphries channeling Sonic the Hedgehog.

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about this very talented fiber and fine artist. She had certainly influenced me. After looking close at her imaginative stitch techniques, her utter disregard for convention and her happy spirit, I am inspired to be courageous in my work. I feel like perhaps I can let go of the need to “do it the right way”. She shows us that following our instinct and embracing our experience makes anyway the right way. As long as we allow ourselves to create an extension of who we are inside.

Who is this wonderfully talented artists? In her own words, ….

“ MimiLove: one woman, a needle, a paintbrush, a disturbing music back catalogue in her brain and too much time on her hands.”

Saturday, November 5, 2011


There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will never have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with the other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open. You do not even have to believe in yourself or your work. You have to keep yourself open and aware to the urges that motivate you.

Keep the channel open...

Quote by Martha Graham

(born May 11, 1894, Allegheny county, Pa., U.S.—died April 1, 1991, New York, N.Y.) influential American dancer, teacher, and choreographer of modern dance, whose ballets and other works were intended to “reveal the inner man.” Over more than 50 years she created more than 180 works, from solos to large-scale works, in most of which she herself danced. She gave modern dance new depth as a vehicle for the intense and forceful expression of primal emotions.
From Martha Graham biography at www.Biography.Com

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Forays into Facebook

I have been fighting the whole Facebook thing for years. I finally started my own page so I could keep up with my boys and my family. It took me some time to get used to the onslaught of emails, sometimes about the shoe of the day, the daily rant, who's status has changed, etc, etc. Not so bad, at least I feel connected. Thats a good thing.

So I think, well, perhaps it's time to start a wedding, blog and business page.


I just have a funny feeling asking people to

I know its not the same kind of, "I hope you like me" question you ask in your daily relationships. Its a status thing. Its a Facebook requirement. Its the rules. Actually for me, right now, I just want a Facebook address without a lot of numbers after it.

I'm nearly that 25 Like milestone which will make all my dreams come true. In fact, since I"m asking, I'm thinking that maybe I should start a page for my Etsy Shop- Fiberluscious while I"m at it. I don't think I could go through another "Like Me" process.

As for real life Likes and Unlikes, well, I think I am pretty well blessed with an abundance of likeable people in my life who I hope like me back.
In the mean time, until I can figure out how to get that thumb on my pages,
could you Like me at

Give me your page and I promise to Like you back- with all of my Facebook heart.

Now as for that cute little blue bird......

I don't think so.......

All Facebook icons are the property of Facebook. The Twitter bird image is the property of Twitter.
My use is to promote their use, perhaps not as enthusiastically as they would like me to) and not for my personal financial gain.