2012 Takes my Blog to Fiberluscious

2012 Takes my Blog to Fiberluscious
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cyber Monday and all those lovely deals of the day.

I am not one of those, rush to the malls, sleep in a parking lot, or shop till you drop kind of gift buyer. I'd rather take my time and contemplate on the whole gift giving thing. Finding something as unique as the person I'm buying for is a challenge I really enjoy.

I make many gifts for Christmas. Even when I give money, I create a special stocking or wrapping to put it in. I think its important to share a part of us that is uniquely human and personal. I hope you do too. So often we doubt our skills or abilities and defer to the perfection of a store bought product. What a shame. From our hands, we have the power to create something that oozes with love and affection. You can't get that at the mall!

If you can't create that special something, well, the next best thing is to support the handmade economy. There are so many wonderful places to choose from. I happen to love Etsy. I was a fan before I was a seller. I love the favorite feature. I use often when designing a custom order. At a glance I can see what colors they like, if they are traditional or modern, funky or fashionable. I also know that when I purchase from Etsy, I am supporting a small business. Sites like this even out the marketplace. Everyone gets an opportunity reach customers. An artist can support their family doing what they do best, while staying home to take care of their family. The profits your sale generates may buy a young mom more diapers or a retiree more craft supplies or even food for the dinner table. I love that. Its the gift that keeps giving.

My Etsy Shop Fiberluscious is all about gift giving. My tiaras and crowns are meant to be a big old "thank yous" for being exactly who you are. From a Garden Goddess, Countess of Comfort and Joy or a Man's Man Crown, these are the people we love in our life. They bring us something so beautifully unique.

My pincushions are frequently purchased as gifts. I think they are perfect for a new sewer, or for someone who sews every day. Everyone needs a pin cushion. Many shops make pincushions for every day. My cushions are deluxe! Not only do I spend hours embellishing them with hand embroidery and beads. I also create cushions that last. I enclose tiny packets of emery in many of them. I also like to use wool. Both Wool and Emery sharpen and clean your pins and needles. My pincushion rings have very strong tiny magnets in them. The magnet keeps the pins from sliding out as you were them. I create pincushions I would like to use. In fact, I test each and every design. If they have features that make my job more frustrating, its back to the drawing board for me. I want people to love what I make.

Flowers just make me happy, so I hope that joy comes through in the flower brooches in my shop. They are bright, big and bold. I use a variety of techniques. If you look into my September posts you'll find a tutorial on my fringed flowers. I usually dismantle, untangle, reshape, dye and combine silk flowers. I add organdy, tulle and other fibers to create multi-layered fantasy brooch blooms.

This year I told myself that I wasn't going to do Christmas items. I created a whole bunch last year and they didn't sell. I thought that people would love to purchase re-rappable gift wrap for CDs and DVDs. I made ornaments and even a few different tiaras. Well, a few weeks into this season, I started to sell what I had. So, I'm working on a few small, fun ornaments and other holiday gifts. If you want to see some really great ideas, check out my Pinterest Board called "Happy Cheer". These cool ideas are from Better Homes and Gardens, but there are so many more projects I want to make when I have time, hmmmmmmmmmmm

And easy but beautiful gift ideas~

So, get busy! You have your own holidays to create!
Don't forget to add a bit of you to all you do.

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