2012 Takes my Blog to Fiberluscious

2012 Takes my Blog to Fiberluscious
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Forays into Facebook

I have been fighting the whole Facebook thing for years. I finally started my own page so I could keep up with my boys and my family. It took me some time to get used to the onslaught of emails, sometimes about the shoe of the day, the daily rant, who's status has changed, etc, etc. Not so bad, at least I feel connected. Thats a good thing.

So I think, well, perhaps it's time to start a wedding, blog and business page.


I just have a funny feeling asking people to

I know its not the same kind of, "I hope you like me" question you ask in your daily relationships. Its a status thing. Its a Facebook requirement. Its the rules. Actually for me, right now, I just want a Facebook address without a lot of numbers after it.

I'm nearly that 25 Like milestone which will make all my dreams come true. In fact, since I"m asking, I'm thinking that maybe I should start a page for my Etsy Shop- Fiberluscious while I"m at it. I don't think I could go through another "Like Me" process.

As for real life Likes and Unlikes, well, I think I am pretty well blessed with an abundance of likeable people in my life who I hope like me back.
In the mean time, until I can figure out how to get that thumb on my pages,
could you Like me at

Give me your page and I promise to Like you back- with all of my Facebook heart.

Now as for that cute little blue bird......

I don't think so.......

All Facebook icons are the property of Facebook. The Twitter bird image is the property of Twitter.
My use is to promote their use, perhaps not as enthusiastically as they would like me to) and not for my personal financial gain.


  1. sorry could not go to your facebook link...?

  2. Diana, Wish I knew what to tell you.
    I should have this remedied in the next week. My son has offered to rescue me. Thanks for trying!


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