2012 Takes my Blog to Fiberluscious

2012 Takes my Blog to Fiberluscious
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Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting Published- Stuffed

My plush work has been published in "Stuffed- A Gathering of Softies" twice in 2 years. What a lovely, happy feeling. Its like being told that you are really and truly an artist, even though I've been a professional artist and illustrator for over 30 years. It is always a thrill to be in print. My advice to you- Jump In- the water is not as scary as you think, and it does the creative spirit good.

My Birds of a Feather were in the previous issue. I had a ball making them. The best thing about seeking publication of your work is how your work is infused with a delightful determination to be original. You have to stick out from the rest, while being a good fit for the publication you want to be in. I love the Stampington & Company magazines. They speak to my creative passions and always inspire. I also love that they feature the work of you and I. They want to see what we are doing and they do such a wonderful job of showcasing our work.

I will post a how-to later in the year. My best advice is to go for it. Read all the submission rules very carefully and get your work in before the deadline expires. Become familiar with that magazine or publisher. Write your descriptions in the style they admire. Be very imaginative and creative in your submissions. Send the actual work, not images. Let them fall in love with it. Answer all their inquiries asap. Finally, and this is terribly important; before you pack up your work, give it a good pep talk. Tell it to speak kindly and loudly on your behalf. Cross your fingers and let the cards fall where they may. You just never know....

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